Animated eCard

Animated eCard GIF

This animation was created from last week's assignment to create an eCard. I added some animation elements to add interest and to enhance the message. I first added animation for the trunk to tilt back and forth. This is to draw attention to the "trunk show" element of the card. I also added a zoom … Continue reading Animated eCard


Layer Comps

First Layer Comp

My ecard was created as a "Thank You" card to the bar where I am holding a trunk show for my clothing company "Modern Rituals" (check it out here) The bar is rustic, and industrial. There is use of brick, concrete, and wood panelling throughout. The lights in the entire place are "caged" lights and they have string lights on both the front and back outdoor areas. The caged light bulb has become their icon, hence my use of them in this card. I could use this to send to them after the event to thank them for allowing me to use their space. Hope you enjoy.